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The Restaurants of America Organization <ROAO/ROAU> is what I hope to create for a retirement income with the Restaurant Industry workers.  The Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade is a celebration not to be missed and there are enough Restaurants and Employees all over the East Coast waiting and hoping to be a part of this celebration.  Contact us now to march with us. We need to start now to work on the Performing Show that will feature everyone in the ROAO group that is there that day.  Information for rehearsals will be posted on this website and to
contact Michelle Ann write to                             
Call 508 279-5648 for more information.

MACYSPARADEAD.jpg content="MacysParadeAd"
show.jpg content="schedule"

All 40 in Costume Uniforms ex - 

Green T Shirts

Subway tied up 

white skirts for 

ladies white boots

Black suits and shoes McDonald's, Wendy's, Burger King colors for ties

DD's or Starbucks  MaryLou's ?

Uniforms for shirts on men reps with black suits

2 drummers

1 large bell/Viola on electric WC or 3 wheel riding bike.

6 horn players

3 - 6 large Flags/post


More info coming soon

Shows Rough Draft

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