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Hiring Sales Executives for store product placement - Barnes and Noble, Grocery and Department Stores, Airport and Mall

Updated: Apr 4

Acceptance as a Sales Exec for Commerical Orders is ONLY APPROVED after the Company Buyer contacts the author/illustrator/producer by telephone 508-279-5648. When this confirmation is completed the owner of theincrediblechef tm will fax a consent form to the buyer and corporation store office accepting order deposit of 65%. [3-5% sales commission in full from deposit by owner after theincrediblechef company receives the deposit]

theincrediblechef tm is a website store and interactive gaming company started by a writer and illustrator of cartoon children's books and movies and it developed into a way to create a chef club membership for future benefits to the restaurant industry. These products are the first products for Uutopia Publishing Press and theincrediblechef companies to retail stores and we need the buyer connection orders with deposit and store placement and we are paying better than average commissions. Future salaried positions are negotiable with full benefits, insurance, auto and medical. Spooky Eyes is the first book in the series and is a hard cover 30-page collectible book with dustjacket. It features 3D Glasses and Cartoon Movie on USB with PC -MAC- TV and PHONE capabilities for easy movie viewing.

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